Away I go

I’ve been packing the past few days. Man, I hate packing. The goal is to only check my backpack and have one carry-on “cuz I’s craze like dat” (and I don’t want to lug a bunch of unnecessary stuff around). I booked a surfing trip for March. I haven’t even gotten there and already I’m planing to skip a week of classes. Is that dedication or what?

Leaving my apt at 5am tomorrow. Should be interesting. I foresee tomorrow being the longest day ever. And I mean ‘tomorrow’ in the most vague way possible on account of all the time zone changes. 8 hour layover in LA. I kind of look forward to it. I’ve never been there and I feel like 8 hours just barely hits that threshold that I can tick it off my list. Then comes the 12+ hours to NZ. ugggg. I’ll relax once I get there.

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