Films and lighthouses

This last week, I didn’t get to do any windsurfing due to lack of… wind and unfortunately good weather. Katie and I did however attend the Banff Mountain Film Festival in the Sky City theatre. It’s a collection of independent mountain sports films that have been awarded… some sort of award? Any who, there was a bunch of climbing, biking, skiing and whatnot for 3+ hours and it was awesome! Friday night I headed to a local pub for a free jazz/funk band that was playing. Its NZ Music Month and the country is all about it’s local music and spreading the word. So there is no shortage of shows to go to. Unfortunately, I’ve never really heard of any of them, but it’s cool to check out.

This past weekend, I went on a tramping trip with the tramping club. It was a laid back trip up to Poutu. It’s a peninsula 4.5 hours North of Auckland on the West coast. It was a short flat hike along the beach. The weather was great. It’s hard to believe that its winter out here. I hiked in a tee shirt and light wind pants. After hiking for a few hours, we got to our destination. It was an old lighthouse that was built on a huge sand dune. We scrambled up the dune and set up camp. We built a fire and cooked up a feast. The next day was just as great weather and we hiked back down the same beach. Nothing crazy during the weekend, but it was nice to get out of the city after being cooped up here with school work for the past few weeks.

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