Nothing exciting

Nothing really exciting to report of the last week. I basically hung around Auckland all week and wrote papers for each of my classes. All of which are due at the same time this week before we go on mid-semester break. Yesterday (Sunday) I was signed up to have an all day kite surfing class. We headed out to a beach on the east coast in the morning. It was a really nice and sunny day. After a few hours of learning how to fly the kites and learning kite surfing theory, we were ready to head into the water to learn how to use the kites for power strokes to get out of the water. Unfortunately the all of the wind died. So… we just went home. I have to reschedule and hope there’s wind. Bummer.

Thursday after class, we’re hopping on a plane and headed for Christchurch in the South Island. We rented a camper van in hopes to save money on hostels. I think were just going to wing it again and see all that we can during our week off of classes. If I can get on a computer I’ll try to post an update during the week.

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