A few of us decided to go on an adventure this past weekend. It started when we got picked up at the sky tower by an adventure company at 7am on Sat morning. We drove a few hours to Coromandel.

Courtesy www.canyonz.co.nz

Courtesy www.canyonz.co.nz

Donned wet suits, water shoes, and packs with group gear. The brochure warned that this trip was for moderately fit people. We were all ready for that, just not in the morning.

After about an hour of summiting with uncomfortable gear in the blazing heat we were soaked in sweat and ready to get into some cold water. We were about to descend Sleeping God Canyon for the next 6+ hours. We geared up and got a quick once over on Abseiling (Repelling for my American friends.) Then it was right off our first waterfall. Then another, then another. Each one bigger, steeper, wetter then the previous. It was a blast. Some Cliff dives were squeezed in there for good measure. I have added some picture to the gallery.

We got back to Auckland around 8pm. Showered up and started St. Patrick’s day several days early. It was a long night. I slept through most of Sunday. Then headed to the beach in Devonport for some more sleeping in the sand.

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