Windsurfing adventure and… Sunday

Nothing big this past weekend. Saturday, I had my first windsurfing class. I had always wanted to take a class on this, but had trouble finding help in the states. I signed up through the rec. centre here at the university. It’s with an outside company, but I got a deal through the university. The morning was an adventure in itself. They don’t provide pick up in the city, so I had to get to the lesson on my own accord. Knowing the bus system here is terrible, I headed to the Britomart (Auckland city train and bus station) two hours before my lesson. I stopped at the farmers market that runs once a week in the morning to pick up some more honey and veggies. Once I figured out what bus I needed, I hopped on. The lesson was in a suburb north of Auckland in a town called Milford. I hopped off in the town centre in hopes of asking someone where the lake was. After about 45 minutes of being sent in all sorts of different directions, I finally figured it out. Apparently, no one else from the university signed up. WOOT! private lessons! I spoke with the owner and he agreed to give me 4 hours of private lessons rather than 6 in a group. 2 hours this week and 2 next. Long story short, I love this sport! I picked up in 2 hours what most people accomplish in 6. I’m learning so fast, that the instructor agreed to start teaching me some freestyle riding next week.

After the lesson, I couldn’t find a bus station that would take me back to Auckland. I was told that I could catch a bus in the next town over. So off I was on foot to the next town. The walk was pleasant, and I was in a good mood from the lesson. I eventually got home to Auckland later in the afternoon in time for dinner.

Sunday was a lazy, rainy day. Breakfast in the am, then spent the rest of the day on campus writing a research paper. Exciting. Oh well, I’d rather it be a rainy day outside if I’m going to be stuck inside writing a paper all day. If I cant go out and enjoy the weather than no one can! HA!

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