WordPress is go

As you can see, I have switched my website to use the wordpress API. I think it looks better and more importantly, it’s easier to manage from my end. I’m currently working on setting up a new photo gallery that works with a flickr account. The goal of doing this: it help me upload a WHOLE lot more photos and keep them up to date without having to fiddle with code all the time.

You may have noticed the big orange (I think) rss button in the top left of the page. Feel free to subscribe. That way, you’ll know when I make a change. Another change you may or may-not have noticed, is the ability to post comments on my blog posts. These are some of the small things that my previous site was lacking and required a lot of work on my end to set up. Work and time I just don’t feel like committing to.

I’m taking advantage of this time off from work and classes to make some big changes here, with hopes of generating more traffic and a more pleasent visiting experience. Suggestions are welcome.

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