A note from the Rockies

I’m having a blast here in CO. The weather is great, the people are great, and most importantly the snow is great.

Bailey, some of her friends, and myself went up to Winter Park today for some weekday riding. It got kind of busy, but the mountain is big enough that it’s not noticeable. It was in the 30’s and sunny even up on the peak of the mountain (sorry New England). Not a cloud in the sky and I got a tan!

When we got back to Bailey’s place, I started getting an intense headache. Thinking it was dehydration, I started chugging glass after glass of watter. Before I knew it, I was peeing clear and no subsiding in the headache. Then we figured it out. The elevation of the seamingly flat Boulder.¬† CO is over 5,000 feet above sea level. That is bigger than pretty much every mountain in VT. Living here for over 24 hours, the elevation finally caught up to me in the form of a blistering headache. I broke my rule and took some Advil. Lesson learned. (whatever that may be).

Things I forgot to bring:

  • Bailey’s sun glasses that have been sitting on my¬†bureau for the past 4 months
  • My bottom base layer (I’m borrowing a pair so don’t fret mom)
  • A book
  • A CAMERA!!!!

At least I have a phone camera. I’ll try to borrow one for tomorrow.

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