Beared Folks

Facial hair and folk. Maybe I just don’t understand. I have no intention of belittling these people for their grooming style, simply to speculate on this recent phenomena within’ folk.

Perhaps it’s some sore of 60’s revival; the spirit of Vietnam era folk bubbling up during recent times of war and general unrest with Iraq. Seeing as many of these people may have grown up listening to the music of the 60’s on mom’s old record player, itĀ seems entirely plausible. The whole life style may have been deeply ingrained by folk heroes past, only to manifest itself 4 decades later in a mirror global climate. Even if their music isn’t as overtly topical as that of their predecessors, their style speaks in volumes. “Stickin’ it to the man” so to speak with a scruffy homeless look. Saying, “hey! I don’t approve of your war or your politics. So I’m gonna rebel in the most non-confrontational way I can. I’m not gonna shave. Then sing about stuff in a sombre, post modern, folk revival explosion. Take that!” (feel free to replace “explosion” with your favorite noun of substance.)

Maybe they’re just like me and don’t care to shave every day during the cold winter months. I guess it just adds up on some people faster than others.

The following is a short list of notable beards.

  • Sam Beam – Iron and Wine

sam beam beard

  • Devendra Banhart


  • Will Oldham – Bonnie ‘prince’ Billy and many other projects


  • Justin Vernon – Bon Iver


  • Robin Pecknold – Fleet Foxes


  • Jim James – ok I know he’s not realy a ‘folkie’ but lets face it, that’s an awesome beard

jim james

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