Washington Part 1

I’m officially done with the hardest semester of my college career (thanks for all of the editing Katie). To reward myself, I took advantage of an expensed opportunity to go to Seattle with Julia.

I’m here now at the end of day two. We have been staying in a small and growing city called Bellevue. It’s about 20 minutes outside of Seattle (or so I’m told).  Bellevue feels like a suburb that someone decided to drop high rises in the middle of. There’s not a whole lot here. It’s littered with brand new buildings filled with software companies and banks.

Those who know me, will remember me always bringing up that classic Lewis Black joke about there being a Starbucks across the street from a Starbucks.

Now I know that Seattle, WA is where Starbucks started. I never thought that this Lewis Black sketch held any merit. I thought that it simply was a comically over-dramatic anecdote emphasizing the quantity of Starbucks sprinkled throughout the world. Little did I imagine that this would be a common occurrence in the greater Seattle area. As silly as it sounds, it’s hard to get over how strange it is to stand at one Starbucks and see another directly across the street.

I’ve had the first two days to myself since Julia has been at work. Yesterday I spent the day exploring Belleview on foot.

The highlights:

  • A very green park
  • A mega mall
  • Lots of shiny glass buildings.

I went into Barnes & Noble to look for some local hikes. This morning, I decided to see a little bit more of Washington. I took the car East to hike Cedar Butte. It wasn’t a big climb or a very long hike (due to my only having jeans). I never thought that I would enjoy a solo hike this much. I have decided that I would like to get a dog that I can take hiking with me whenever I can’t find someone to go (which is unfortunately often). When I got back, I walked to the park with my computer and sat in the sun to make a few last minute changes to my capstone.

Julia doesn’t have any more work this weekend. Were going to spend the rest of the trip exploring Seattle. Pictures will be up when I get back to Boston.

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  1. Larisa
    April 30, 2009

    Heh actually I forgot to ask you re: that Lewis Black joke about Starbucks if it came from Seattle:) Now I know:) Funny
    Are you planning on getting a dog?:) Its great, but where would he live and who would take care of a dog?
    PS: I have a new e-mail but didnt start to use it yet, its gmail.
    I will let you know once I do.
    Take care. Love Mom
    Nicely done:)

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