Washington Part 2

Yesterday we spend the day in Seattle. We drove in the city and found some parking half a mile from the Space Needle. We got there at 11:30 am and the city was a ghost town. Walking around the Space Needle was a little bit eerie. There is an old Midway style fair at the base of the tower. All of the rides looked like they were out of some sort of horror movie. They were running, but no people were around.

We explored the area a bit until we decided to wander into this cool building. It looked like a monument of bent metal, with awkward architecture. It looked very modern and similar to that MIT building (if you’ve seen it, you would know what I’m talking about). It turns out that it’s a music/science fiction museum. Jackpot! The music museum was mainly celebrating the history of Seattle music: Hendrix, Grunge, R&B, and… Sir Mix-a-Lot. It was well done, didn’t have that museum feel.

Next, we wandered into the Science Fiction Museum. There were lots of memorabilia from sci-fi movies and digital recreations of classics. It’s a guilty pleasure, what can I say.

How to hide that you’re a dork tip # (insert arbitrary number): If you overhear someone mistake Star Trek for Star Wars or vice versa, play it cool and don’t say anything. Trust me, you’re less likely to get laughed at behind your back or beat up in the locker room.

After geeking out for a few hours, it was time to see what else Seattle had to offer. Once we stepped outside of the museum, we noticed that the sun had come out along with people. We made the trek across town to see Pike Place Market. It’s the one stop every out-of-towner needs to make. It’s a flea market/farmer’s market/fish market. It seems that everyone within a twenty mile radius goes there on the weekend. There were heaps of cool stuff and people to see. Its sensory overload and is hard to describe. I imagine that this is what my family always jokes about when they talk about a Russian bazaar.

Once we got word that the Red Sox game was almost over, it was time to get off of our feet for a little bit and catch the rest of the game along with lunch. We found a quaint Irish pub to park ourselves while we watched our team slaughter NY once again.

We walked around downtown a bit after lunch. It’s a lot like New York City at times, just less people and they’re all nicer. We walked around until it was time for more food and met up with one of Julia’s co-workers for dinner. We probably covered over 20 miles on foot throughout the course of the day. Julia and I were beat.

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