The Milk Has Gone Sour

This is the third in a set of posts about Facebook and why I’m leaving.

Many of us remember the days of MySpace in its prime. Even more of us (being the collective human race) remember it in its downfall. People were littering their MySpace sites with lots of noise (visual and auditory). It was painful to go to a MySpace. MySpace is now dead as a social networking hub. It exists simply for specialty purposes (which I will not digress into).

Facebook2Let’s just be clear, we all see Facebook going that way and have for quite some time now. The only question is then: why are people still using it? Because it is an alternative to Twitter? Well… why use Facebook when you can just use Twitter for Twitter. The problem is that if you compare what it once was to what it has become the purpose and ease of use is just about lost. I propose that it’s simply because people are too hesitant to rip the band-aid off.

In Steven Mansur’s somewhat well know post about trying to remove yourself from FB in late 2007 he describes the ripping of the hypothetical band-aid:

“It was a bit jarring to feel that all those ‘lost connections’ Facebook had seemingly helped restore had suddenly disappeared again. Proof positive though, that they weren’t ever real – just another way that Facebook takes the smallest fleeting figments of your imaginary social ‘life’ and blows them up until you start believing them yourself.”