Make Me Laugh

The world is unhurriedly ending. Not because of global warming or the poor economy, but rather the lack of original comedy films. Let’s take a look at the past 5 years. For the sake of this writing let’s consider comedy films that are re-watchable and sustain or grow in their humor and amusement. “Timeless” is the word oft used to describe these movies.

Mainstream or not, there only 2 recent films (as of the past 5 years) that come to mind.

You may argue that there have been plenty of great comedies recently. Really? Watch them again. Then watch them over again. If you are not bored, then I apologize and am wrong.dude-walter Now compare them to everlasting films like Office Space and The Big Lebowski. Do the recent films stand up through re-watching or are they simply cookie cutter recipes that all copy each other with cheap penis jokes and unfunny situational comedy that lasts longer than 25 min?

This recent plague in lack of originality has been infecting music for years much as it has for comedy film. Sure the “digital revolution” is amazing in the ground covered and leaps forward. Truly original music falls through the strainer here and there, but I have been less than excited as a whole for quite some time.

Melt my face, make my ears bleed, challenge me, get me exited. Please makers of music, I plead that you leave this trend of cultural bankruptcy that is hipsterdom behind. In your effort to stand out in originality and non-conformism, you are only conforming to each other in a comedic display of hypocrisy. Your music reflects this, you all sound similar and take from each other and just run in circles.

The few that break free are forgotten or fall/fly too far above the radar to be cool.