CMS Rant

I often hear clients struggle to fit their process into a CMS (Content Management System). I have some opinions on what a CMS is and what a CMS should do.

  • A CMS should fit an organization’s needs and improve the overall process without causing the organization to reinvent the wheel for existing processes that aren’t broken. This can mean:
    • Fitting into an existing CRM system;
    • Hooking into a current database, or helping to improve data collection.
  • A CMS is a tool to help manage a website that reflects the organization.
    • The same way your materials should reflect what your are building;
    • It’s still going to rain regardless of how you build your house, so don’t skimp on the roof.

If your CMS is hurting the organization’s process or the end user’s experience, then your CMS does not work. The CMS should be able to bend and mold to work as a tool that reflects your needs and alleviate kinks in the chain. Not the other way around.

… End Rant