Locking Behavior

With the beta of Axure RP 6, one of the things that I noticed (intentional or bug) is that the locking behavior has changed from the current release. This prompted a strange super dorky discussion with my colleague on the implications the term “locking” has on its interaction. It became apparent that we had different interpretations of what locking should do.

In previous versions of Axure, the user could select an object and still copy/paste it. The pasted duplicate would not inherently be locked. The new version does not allow for this.

What are the reasons why a user would lock an item?

  • To ensure the attributes of an object or group of objects
  • To be able to manipulate nearby objects without cursor hinting interference
  • To be able to select all intersecting objects while excluding the locked one

It comes down to our definition of what “locked” is. My colleague’s interpretation is that a “locked” object is locked from all manipulation besides “unlocking.” When I think of “locked,” it means that the object is locked from all destructive manipulation. I use destructive to mean anything that changes the object in any way from its current state. This would include any interaction besides unlocking and copying.

Maybe I’m just cranky I have to change.