A Salute To An IxDer’s Unsung Ingenuity

ING’s web interfaces have long been the textbook definition of intuitive and innovative (see?). After years of being a customer, the great conveniences of the site start to fade into the background of an overall amazing user experience. Isn’t that the goal after all? One of these small intricacies popped out at me recently.

I was setting up a reoccurring automatic transfer from my checking account. I wanted it to take money out every pay period. In my case, this is always the 15th and last day of the month. Having set this up with other bank sites in the past, I was prepared to set up a transfer every 15th and a separate automatic transfer on the 1st of every month. Because of the nature of the calendar, every 2 weeks wouldn’t work in my case and selecting a specific date at the end of the month would not apply to every month (since they have different number of days). Screenshot of ING Frequency Selector

I was pleasantly surprised to see that ING had done their research on when people get compensated and how they manage their money. A custom solution of “Fifteenth and End of Month” saved me from trying to mold the functionality the best I could to my specific need. Instead, the opposite happened. My specific need was natively supported by the functionality.