Brain Process

I like to keep my record collection lean. I know it’s easy to get carried away with any sort of collecting to the point where you have to pay storage for your stuff. My interest in vinyl has never been about acquiring rare things for the sake of rarity. Nor has it been about acquiring to acquire. I buy vinyl to listen to it. The moment I stop listening to a record is the moment I own it for the wrong reason.

This all sounds good (maybe a bit militant) in theory, but the reality is that my interests of “what I’m into at the moment” goes through constant changes. The problem then becomes: How do I differentiate between what I’m just not into at the moment vs. what I don’t listen to anymore?

Ah. A problem for the music nerd/techie/entrepreneur in me to solve. Fun!

If only I had some metrics on what I listened to… does that for me!
But how would that work with vinyl?
There’s plenty of software out there that can identify music through a mic and music fingerprinting. Echonest as an API!
I guess before I build anything I should see if such a thing exists.
Behold! Scrobblr. I can just put my phone down while my music is playing, and it uploads the music data to my to be analyzed later when its time to purge.

Problem solved and I didn’t have to write a line of code.