About Me

I currently work at Amazon AWS as a User Experience Designer and am a co-founder and front-end developer for Alumni Fund. My primary professional passion is in interaction and user experience design (although I still write code for fun). I love exploring new technologies and growing my skills by staying active in professional communities.  Since this site isn’t made entirely to market myself, I will just save space and everyone’s time by just posting a current (but possibly out of date) resume(.pdf) You can see a little bit of what I do in my portfolio.

Besides being the obvious computer nerd, I do have other interests.

I’m a huge music geek as you may see from the occasional post about music. I love hiking and mountain biking as a weekend warrior with the occasional backpacking trip sprinkled in. Once the snow falls, my weekends include nothing but snowboarding until the last snowflake melts. So naturally the answer to the question “what are you up to this weekend?” from Thanksgiving until the beginning of April will inevitably be “snowboarding, you should come along.”

- Mike Altman