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Pitfalls of Familiarity

I’ve come to realize is that I have unwillingly started falling into a trap that every UX’er tries to avoid. I’m becoming too familiar with a project.

Getting Famous

Had a great time at IxD12 this year in Dublin. Met a lot of cool people, made some great friends, and learned a great deal from the community. During the conference, a group of us (who previously didn’t know each other) wrote a script for yet another internet meme/fad. Enjoy!  

Understanding the Game

From a very high level, Hitchery is a game/app that lives on your mobile device. Each player owns a bus (their device) and several autonomous “hitchers” who travel from place to place in the world via other player’s busses. Think Flat Stanley or a Travel Gnome + Foursquare. The device serves as a tool (bus) to check-in (pull over) to […]

Is It Fun?

Hitchery presents me with a new kind of challenge that I have no experience building yet am increasingly fascinated by. Is it fun?

Building a Mega Drop-Down in Axure RP

This guide will walk you through creating a mega drop down that is visible on hover similar to the way sub menus work with the default Menu Widget… Only you’ll have more control over how and what is displayed. The assumed interaction is to show the menu on hover, hide it on mouse out, and have a clickable top level […]