Locking Behavior

With the beta of Axure RP 6, one of the things that I noticed (intentional or bug) is that the locking behavior has changed from the current release. This prompted a strange super dorky discussion with my colleague on the implications the term “locking” has on its interaction. It became apparent that we had different interpretations of what locking should […]

Hand drawn slider state with two payers

Split the Bill

How do several end-users pay for a single service? Sure, you could distribute cash, but out of a room full of people what percent of them carry cash. Furthermore, what percent carry small bills?

Seeing This Made My Day

Upon seeing this note on your bike after a long day of work it would be easy to be angry, frustrated, violent, or profane. Someone decided to be nice. Problem solved.

Ye Olde Hot Air Balloon Adventure

We flew over houses and roads. people came out of their homes and cars to look and wave at us.

Going for a scroll with Micosoft Pivot

It’s rare for me to get this excited about software. Even rarer for it to be a Microsoft product. In this case, I think they’ve done something absolutely brilliant. Microsoft Pivot is kind of interesting, as a proof of concept of Silverlight’s capabilities and the traversing of complex sudo-database driven taxonomy. Yeah, yeah, that’s all cool and fun to play with, but what […]