Snow and Hale

The two of us have been itching to get some hiking in once the ski resorts started to dwindle in fresh snow several weeks ago. We headed North right from REI for a day hike in the Whites. Mt. Hale was our last minute destination. Why not start the season off with a bang and check another 4,000 footer off the list.

Small Projects

It’s been a busy winter this year. Mostly filled with snowboarding. I think I set a new personal best by riding every weekend since New Years until last week. The snow hasn’t been great, but trips to Jay are fun regardless of weather.

Content Blindness

Web users are known to be efficient at scanning large amounts of information in order to satiate the user’s goals for visiting the site.

Web Accessibili-What?

There are about 60 million people in the U.S. alone who cannot utilize a computer in order to use the internet in a normal fashion.

Cell Phones: More Wireless Than I Thought

Many developing countries have adopted an unlikely form of technology, which many take for granted.