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  • SNS-confirmation

    Protected: CloudWatch: Silent Alarm Fix

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. strategy user-flows wireframes

  • Define metric filter policy in the CloudWatch Logs console

    Protected: CloudWatch: Logs

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  • AutoScaling First Run

    Protected: EC2: Auto Scaling

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  • viacord_full

    Responsive ViaCord Redesign

    It was clear that a responsive solution would benefit both users and the organization. The organization could have a single place to manage and publish content without having to go though a full redesign down the line when new devices become the norm. The users can get a native experience with prioritized content in certain instances. content-strategy copywriting strategy user-flows wireframes

  • Hitchery_full

    Responsive Hitchery Website

    Using Twitter Bootstrap as the baseline for the CSS and flexible grid, I created a responsive website that would create a native experience for any device screen size. Keeping page load in mind during development, some choices were made to optimize for network speeds of mobile devices. copywriting css html javascript strategy

  • PPOC

    PPOC Web Presence and Community

    Through a number of user interviews, it became quickly apparent that the audiences (all practice staff) needed a communication solution that was easy to use and learn. strategy wireframes

  • STA_full

    Second Time Around Redesign

    The site had to balance out targeted content between two very different audiences. The key was to take advantage of focused content that spoke to the intersection of the audiences so as not to sound or feel redundant while providing utility. strategy user-flows wireframes

  • Design and wireframes for Factor Advisors

    Factor Advisors Website

    I was tasked with architecting a simple website that could grow with the green firm. A key goal was to create a simple interface that would allow their users to quickly become familiar with the new brand and offer utility to users who would depend on the site for daily investment related content. strategy wireframes

  • American Humane Association

    American Human Association Redesign

    The organization’s website is an important part of the way educators, community leaders, and passionate supporters work towards American Humane Association’s ever important mission. content-strategy user-flows wireframes

  • content_blindness

    Content Blindness White Paper

    In this study, I examined how content visual treatment and page locations cause what I call content blindness. I manipulated target sections of contents on a website and measured search times. white-paper