PPOC Web Presence and Community

Posted on June 06th, 2012 in Strategy, Wireframes

The Project:

Pediatric Physicians’ Organization at Children’s (PPOC) is an organization of independent practices affiliated with Boston Children’s Hospital. The organization’s mission is to enhance member pediatricians’ ability to deliver high quality patient care to the children they serve. This project’s goals go beyond creating a web presence, but to create a tool to open the communication stream between siloed practices all over the Boston area.

The Challenge:

Short of a single page on the Boston Children’s Hospital website, the organization had no web presence to leverage in order to communicate their quality improvement initiatives.

The PPOC has approximately 75 pediatric practices and 200 pediatricians connected to Children’s Hospital as members. In addition to physicians,  practices are staffed with nurses and administrative staff. There was no open communication stream between the constituents of all of these independent practices. The new site was to offer a solution for this in order to promote peer education for care and administration.

The Approach:

The new site clearly introduces PPOC to the world as a non profit organization with tools to allow patients to find affiliated practices while showing the thought leadership of it’s members.

Through a number of user interviews, it became quickly apparent that the audiences (all practice staff) needed a communication solution that was easy to use and learn. The solution was to create a simplified stackexchange type discussion forum. The functionality was designed to encourage question / answer type user submitted content over the traditional open ended forum model (which lacks a timely sense of urgency that would employ a user with little time to interact).

Samples of deliverables can be furnished upon request.