Responsive ViaCord Redesign

Posted on February 13th, 2013 in Content Strategy, Copywriting, Strategy, User Flows, Wireframes

The Project:

ViaCord (a cord blood banking service) came to us looking for a complete redesign in order to be able to stand out in a competitive market. The project started out as a basic redesign with research around how their website users (prospects and current) use the site, and how to best fit the sales and marketing strategy into this model.

The Challenge:

Once I looked at the analytics it be came very clear that a large volume of paid search traffic was moblie and being brought to a scary looking full sized form. Furthermore, organic mobile traffic was being redirected to a mobile site with somewhat out of date content and a lack of functionality and utility that the full site provided.

The Approach:

It was clear that a responsive solution would benefit both users and the organization. The organization could have a single place to manage and publish content without having to go though a full redesign down the line when new devices become the norm. The users can get a native experience with prioritized content in certain instances.

Through talking to customers and prospects, I learned that people looking to use this service quickly start to price shop. In order to replace the hard-to-find pricing chart, I designed a simple pricing tool that led directly into the checkout process and ultimately making the entry point somewhat invisible.

I ran extensive usability testing sessions on crude as well as high fidelity prototypes that I built in order to validate some of the interactive components and the information architecture assumptions that I made.

Samples of deliverables can be furnished upon request.