Second Time Around Redesign

Posted on May 04th, 2012 in Strategy, User Flows, Wireframes

The Project:

Second Time Around (STA) is a chain of upscale consignment boutiques that carries new and gently worn, high-end merchandise. The project was meant to coincide with a new reality series, Fashion Hunters about STA on the Bravo network. With increased traffic and visibility, the rapidly growing chain needed a new site to introduce the brand to new visitors and make it easy to bring the consignment experience online.

The Challenge:

STA was looking to open up their site and brand to a wide audience. The ideas and philosophies of STA had to come across while serving the two major sides of their business. Shoppers and consigners. Consigners are a very unique audience, as they need to be guided through the process in a way that prepares them for their in-store consultation. STA wanted to provide consigners with an easy to use online tool to track the sales of their clothing and disbursement of earned compensation.

The Approach:

The old site had a large public facing focus on consigners. Shoppers were somewhat excluded from messaging as the content strategy did not allow for much audience targeted content. The site had to balance out targeted content between two very different audiences. The key was to take advantage of focused content that spoke to the intersection of the audiences so as not to sound or feel redundant while providing utility. What’s in Season was a section aimed to inform shoppers what type of inventory is currently in stock, while also showing consigners what type of clothes to bring in. The location pages were designed to allow each store to easily broadcast it’s unique personality and active social media feeds. The back-end was designed for utility for consigners. It was modeled off of banking systems in order to allow users to track the life of their consigned clothes on the racks of a store.

Samples of deliverables can be furnished upon request.